Aircraft Transition

AEPS proposes to help you in two of the most difficult tasks for an operator: Phase In and Phase Out

To gather, to check all the documentation generated along the life of an aircraft is a complex work, which need a strong organization. Our experts can do it for you and prepare everything for a future redelivery or to include a new aircraft in your fleet.

We have already, successfully proceeded to such mission all around the world, and we can do it now, for you.

CAMO Daily activities

AEPS is qualified to manage the Airworthiness compliance of your fleets of aircraft. Our teams of Planners and Engineers will organize and help your maintenance team to maintain your fleets in flight, your aircraft in storage if you need it, according to the requirements of your Local Authority and/or EASA / FAA standards

Our multicultural team of experts will be here to collaborate and help you to maintain your fleets more efficiently.

Documentation Management

Our specialists will help you in your documentation management. As you know, documentation collected or generated is always huge and needs expert to establish all the manuals necessary for the maintenance of your aircrafts. In that purpose, our experts will help you:

  • To develop and control an appropriated Maintenance Program
  • AD / SB Management
  • Work Orders / Job Cards edition and transmission
  • Log Book recording
  • MEL Establishment
  • Parking procedure

Whatever could be your needs, AEPS will be here to help you.

Continuing Airworthiness Management

Organizations. Understanding and Adaptiveness + high skills and knowledge allow to bring expertise and customized solutions to our customers in order to improve their organization and processes in terms of efficiency and safety

From gap assessment to Key Performance Indicator, including review of your fleet or documentations, we don’t only provide recommendations, but we accompany you to the journey to excellence.

Flight Data Analysis

AEPS will establish a monthly, quarterly or yearly report of your fleet Performance.

Today, Reliability help companies to analyse their maintenance cost more efficiently, see how to modify their check planning, analyze which components are the most often replaced or inspected, etc...

During integration of your fleet, AEPS will review with your teams, which reports are the most suitable to you and what is the most efficient frequency to issue such reports.

Storage Management

In 2018, AEPS added a new service to its panel : Storage Management for your Aircraft Parts.

According to regulation AEPS can store your parts in Thailand, or create a storage area in your location, recruit a team to maintain your store opened 24/7 and manage entrance and issues of parts in accordance with your maintenance department.

AEPS will handle the storage of your parts, your tools and your DG.

Structure Repair Tracking

AEPS proposes you also to track the defect on the structure of your aircraft. Our dedicated tool, Air Mapping, allow you to track defects on the structure of your aircraft, organize them and issue a report ready to be presented to any third party such as Authority.

Access to Air Mapping by AEPS

And also...

  • Delivery / Redelivery Inspection
  • Airworthiness Survey
  • C-Check documentation management
  • Aircraft Mapping and damages reports
  • Aviation Trainings

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