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04-Jan-2024 10:52:34
After 8 years of being a sleeping beauty, this beautiful bird still remembers how to fly (thanks to some delicate handling by AEPS)
In a very short period of time, AEPS assessed the situation on behalf of this aircraft’s new Owner and delivered a complete solution with the objective to perform a Return to Service and Ferry this hashtag#a340-600. 
After a long period of storage, technical limitations, including local environmental challenges, AEPS assisted in addressing the airworthiness obstacles, re registering this aircraft and carrying out all the post registration tasks needed before, during and after the flight - this Aircraft will remain under our Airworthiness control. 
These challenges were met thanks to the comprehensive cooperation of 2-REG Aircraft Registry and our effective partnership with Move Aircraft Flight Solutions for the insurance, ops and ferry flight elements.
4 weeks, 4 Engines and the longest airframe in commercial aviation - we have been able to deliver this project on track safely and masterly flown by the professional Move Aircraft Flight Solutions Crew, piloted by their very own DFO
Another masterclass jointly done.
AEPS delivered the following key items: Project Management and Consulting, Technical Services, 2REG CAMO, Registration Change Assistance, Maintenance Guidance, a hint of positive energy, some muscles and a lot of know-how. 
A big shout out to Sylvain BRIOU and the AEPS Technical Solutions team, as well as all the people involved on this complex and challenging project: thank you / ขอบคุณ!
This aircraft is the first of many in a sister ship

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