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Not independent ? Dependable Company built by committed Professionals

08-Jun-2020 22:34:08
AEPS Ltd., over the past 10 years, has supported several - and still does - Southeast Asian flag Carriers and LCCs, delivering Fleet Technical Management services and expertise. We stand as a sustainable organization, certified EN9110/EN9120 and EASA compliant, providing adaptive and fair solutions to Operators in Asia and Worldwide.

Moreover, AEPS Ltd. has lately developed its warehouse capabilities, today delivering ITM assistance to two leading Airlines from our main base in Bangkok, and managing over 8000 parts.

Our core knowledge and activities are about aircraft operation, fleet management and technical expertise.

We are not independent consultants; we are a dependable Company built by committed Professionals.

From our main bases, in Bangkok - but also Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and our outstations, we deliver solutions, either you are Operator, Lessor / Asset Manager, or any kind of Entity.

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