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CAMO in Thailand - One Choice: AEPS

08-Jun-2020 22:29:55
In Thailand, almost 300 civil aircraft are operated by 9 different regular Airlines, mostly from DMK and BKK. More than 70 % of this fleet is leased to several Lessors.
So far, approximately 25 % of the traffic has resumed domestic operations. Others aircraft are still parked or grounded in DMK, BKK or HKT. Some are just kept in standby to avoid to induct them in storage procedure. This situation might not significantly change until the Thai's emergency decree and the ban of foreign inbound flights are not lift up (scheduled end of June).

We have developed specific survey program to review parking / storage conditions in accordance with AMM and best practices.

We assist for Asset review and physical / records inspection.

We support for aircraft phase-out, recovery, and can tailor end-to-end solutions with our Partners for aircraft transition, parking, ferry-flight and EASA registration (or others).

We have capabilities for records archiving, including digitalization, within our facilities.

We have extensive experience in Airbus, Boeing & ATR aircraft.

From our main bases, in Bangkok - but also Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and our outstations, we deliver solutions, either you are Operator, Lessor / Asset Manager, or any kind of Organization.

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