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Not independent ? Dependable Company built by committed Professionals

08-06-2020 22:34:08 by AEPS

<div>AEPS Ltd., over the past 10 years, has supported several - and still does - Southeast Asi...

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CAMO in Thailand - One Choice: AEPS

08-06-2020 22:29:55 by AEPS

<div>In Thailand, almost 300 civil aircraft are operated by 9 different regular Airlines, most...

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Spot the spotter

08-06-2020 22:27:46 by AEPS

Aircraft view point from BKK - Airbus A340-300<br></div>...

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AEPS Ltd. extends its capabilities in Brazil.

08-06-2020 22:26:51 by AEPS

<div>Our organization delivers solutions in South East Asia from our main bases Bangkok &a...

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Another successful project delivered

08-06-2020 22:25:16 by AEPS

<div>Onsite - South-East Asia and Central America, technical representation for our Customer i...

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AEPS at MRO Asia-Pacific expo

12-09-2019 00:58:19 by AEPS

Dear All,&nbsp;</div><div>AEPS Ltd. will be attending the MRO Asia-Pacific expo in &...

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New Certification for AEPS

20-08-2019 17:25:13 by AEPS

AEPS has just been approved compliant with the EN 9120 Norm.&nbsp;</div><div>For jus...

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NokScoot renew its agreement with AEPS

03-06-2019 01:02:53 by AEPS

AEPS is glad to inform that its agreement for part storage has been renewed with the Thai/Singaporea...

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AEPS Visits United Offshore Aviation

03-06-2019 00:37:30 by AEPS

AEPS has been kindly invited to visit UOA premises in Songkhla to negociate the purchase of the CAMO...

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