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AEPS Hong Kong & Bangkok

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Aviation Engineering & Planning Services (AEPS) founded in 2004, is a service company for small and medium sized airlines or any companies with private fleet of aircraft (plane or helicopter) and cargo airlines.

Established originally in Hong Kong, the company has quickly opened offices in Bangkok, AEPS is now installed in those two important hubs and can reach a wide range of prospects.

Its services support customers throughout the life of their fleet, since the entry of the new or leased aircraft until its return to owner or re-sale.

AEPS provided its customers a continuous monitored aircraft maintenance relying on existing documentation, status of existing components, while maintaining these data throughout the entire lifecycle of the aircraft to ensure a contiunous airworthiness of the fleet.

To provide a complete and quality service to its customers, AEPS has established strong partnership with famous and recognized names of the aviation industry as AD Software, famous for its maintenance software suite Airpack, and Safran/SAGEM the French Aerospace multinational, expert in fligth data monitoring.


Cosmo Thai Engineering

Cosmo-Thai Engineering company, is a subsidiary of AEPS, especialized in Cabin Maintenance, repair, refurbishment and cleaning.

For several years now Cosmo has acquired experience in this domain and is able to provide to its famous Airline customer an excellent quality of services

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